Welcome to charismaTec

What we are: An Austrian technology SME. Smart, fast and flexible.

What we can do: Complex mechatronic systems (Mechanical engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, informatics).

What we want: Realise exciting projects and bring them to series production.

What we own: Everything you need for research and development and to build prototypes.

  • Mechanical engineering: From the MCAD software SolidWorks to 3D-printer, lathe and milling machine.
  • Electronics: From the electronics CAD software Altium to soldering, reworking, measurement and testing; With oscilloscope, Saleae Logic, Ulbricht sphere, optical inspection systems, ultrasonic inspection.
  • Software development toolchains for microcontrollers, PLCs, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi and PCs.

What we also have: A network for industrialisation and series production.

(And what we do not like: Half-finished things and Bullshit Bingo.)