Research and Development with charismaTec

To create something new is a big challenge, but exciting and interesting – that is why we love doing it!

Your Partner for Product Development

You have an idea how to improve your product or your production, but you either cannot or do not want to develop it by yourself? We know how to do complex mechatronic systems with batch size 1.

And we help to bring a product to series production. With our knowledge and our network.

Your Partner for Security and Defense

In the beginning we startet with the mobile document checking device Doculus Lumus®, that is under constant improvement and used by police authorities, security printers and military in over 60 countries worldwide.

We combined that with our experience from automotive and semiconductor industry projects and now are part of national and international research teams in the area of security and defense, especially with our UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) ARTUS.

Your Partner for Didactics and Consulting

The best system is useless, if the end customer does not understand it and cannot use it properly. That is why we also offer customer individual lectures and trainings in the area of complex technical systems.